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My writing has, for several years, occupied a unique space.

I joined the world-renowned Jane’s Defence Weekly in the late 1980s, rising quickly to become its Aviation Editor. It was during my first years at Jane’s that I started to write books. My first novel, Angel, Archangel, being published in the UK and the US in 1989 to critical acclaim. I followed this up in 1991 with my second novel, Aggressor, which was set in the turbulent world of the Middle East. It was centered, extraordinarily in hindsight, on a rogue fundamentalist, Islamic spiritual leader linked to a series of terrorist outrages, which sadly, a number of years later, proved to be scarily phrophetic…

With the post-Cold War 1990s a period of high demand, I throttled back on the novels to ghost-write a number of Sunday Times bestsellers whilst simultaneously delivering a series of exclusives for Jane’s, many of which made headline news around the world.

In 2001, my first non-fiction title, The Hunt For Zero Point, reached No 3 in the Amazon general list and Number 1 in it’s non-fiction charts.  

The Hunt was the culmination of a decade-long investigation into a heretical idea that anti-gravity technology could have been buried under decades of secret military development.  I’ve presented on The Hunt to schools and universities around the world, as well as to aerospace corporations and even rock stars.  Apparently, and I am especially proud of this, Neil Armstrong had a copy.

After leaving Jane’s in 2008 to set up Dynamixx – a consultancy that worked with aerospace and defence companies to find solutions for grand/global challenges such as climate change – I wrote my last ‘ghosted’ book in 2011.

2018 saw my return to non-fiction with Monopoli Blues, the true story of my co-author Tim Clark’s parents’ secret work with SOE in Italy during WW2.

Summer 2019 sees my return to fiction with the publication of my new thriller, The Grid, by Transworld/Penguin Random House. The Grid is published by the same team that gave us The Da Vinci Code, I Am Pilgrim and The Girl On The Train.

In parallel to my work for clients in the narrative strategy field, I am currently in the throes of writing its sequel.


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