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Nick Cook


Nick Cook is a writer and corporate narrative strategist with a particular skill in turning data – in whatever form – into seamless, highly readable ‘story’.

Nick is a best selling author of fifteen fiction and non-fiction titles in the US and the UK, including several ghost-written Sunday Times bestsellers. He is well known for his ground-breaking, best-selling non-fiction work, The Hunt For Zero Point. He has also written, produced and presented two feature-length documentaries for the History and Discovery channels.

His latest novel, a psychological thriller, The Grid, will be published by Transworld/Penguin Random House in the summer of 2019.

An award-winning journalist and technology consultant, as well, he brings many years of experience to the storytelling and narrative strategy fields. Nick spent 25 years working in, reporting on, and analysing the high-technology arena – this included innovative ways for solving global challenges such as climate change, food and water shortages and clean energy provision.

More recently, he has focused on taking and distilling highly complex data from the technology and innovation sector and crafting it into clear, meaningful content across a variety of traditional and social media platforms.

Nick’s working life is divided between book-writing and corporate narrative strategy projects. For the latter, he has brought together a team of highly experienced analysts, consultants and writers to channel the power of story and change management to clients via NickCook.Works.

BY Nick Cook

The Grid

Summer 2019 sees my return to fiction with the publication of my new thriller, The Grid, by Transworld/Penguin Random House. The Grid is published by the same team that gave us The Da Vinci Code, I Am Pilgrim and The Girl On The Train.


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