Corporate Storytelling

NickCook.Works is a team of highly experienced storytellers and analysts – a pool of incredible talent I’ve known from my Jane’s days; my work as a writer and ghost-writer; and from my time as a change-management consultant.

What we have developed is a highly effective process for getting to the heart of any corporate ‘story’ and delivering the message – whatever that message may be.

The essence of corporate storytelling isn’t that different from the book-writing kind – data is dull when it’s dry, but comes alive when it is embedded with meaning. This is why we all remember stories we love – they imprint on us at a subconscious level, the part of us that truly drives the things we do.

It isn’t enough, however, simply to deliver data with heart or emotion; as any good writer knows, what is essential is the creation of a protagonist – or protagonists – with whom readers identify. We do this when we put ourselves in their shoes.

The key is to identify the protagonists of your story – the individuals, companies or organizations you are trying to reach – and then get everyone to identify with a common cause – one that is bigger than each of them.

We use our highly effective process – engaged via one-on-one dialogue and workshops – to tease out the moving parts of the story, determine who the protagonists are, and then define effective strategies for reaching them.

In so doing, we lift everyone to the common cause – in storytelling terms, you could say that by acting together, we make the world a better place. 

Call or email us and get an immediate sense of the following:

  • How we derive a map of the moving parts of your value proposition – the first step to drawing out the essential elements of your story;
  • How we determine the protagonists of your story – via a process that misses none of the moving parts;
  • How we work with you to understand exactly who the targets of your story are – and then how we work with you to reach them – through content (text- or film-based) that is matched to the most effective messaging platform;
  • How we feed the process back so that every part of our client’s organization is clear on the content and messaging and feels fully engaged – with a true sense of purpose – in meeting it.

Our process is quick, effective and, needless to say, relies on us to do the heavy-lifting. And because it’s about storytelling, it’s designed not just to be effective, but exciting and empowering.


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