NickCook.Works is a platform that merges my own storytelling with that of an expert team of gifted fellow storytellers, motivational speakers and business consultants.

We are all professional storytellers motivated to help our clients deliver strategy – in whatever form – with the meaning and energy for it to go to work. If you’d like to know how we do this – and how we can do it for your business – please read on.

Business is in the midst of huge changes propelled by one of the greatest technology revolutions the world has ever seen. There is no ‘business normal’ anymore. Companies and organisations are supposed to connect us: with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers …

In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which the pace of automation is accelerating exponentially, how do we reach out to the people who need to hear us?  For us, the answer is simple: we do it in the age-old way – by telling stories. Authentic stories. Stories embedded with meaning.

This is how true connection is made.

“The whole team agrees 
how great the experience working with Nick is. Across our high-profile, high-pressure projects, it is such a comfort to work with someone who intuitively gets what we’re trying to achieve”

Sara Cooper, Creative Co-Founder, Plastic Pictures

Contact us and get an immediate sense of the following:

  • How we derive a map of the moving parts of your value proposition – the first step to drawing out the essential elements of your story;
  • How we determine the protagonists of your story – via a process that misses none of the moving parts;
  • How we work with you to understand exactly who the targets of your story are – and then how we work with you to reach them – through content (text- or film-based) that is matched to the most effective messaging platforms;
  • How we feed the process back so that every part of our client’s organization is clear on the content and messaging and feels fully engaged – with a true sense of purpose – in meeting it.



Operating at NickCook.Works with a gifted team of management consultants, professional writers, communicators and fellow bestselling authors, Nick brings the intuitive art of storytelling to the process-driven world of business – helping clients deliver strategy, large scale change and powerful messaging.

Books by Nick Cook


(Nick Cook’s) The Grid goes to the very frontier of science and the modern surveillance state … a relentless thriller… as modern as tomorrow – and perfect for our times.

Terry Hayes, international bestselling author of I Am Pilgrim

I’ve been a friend of Nick’s for several years and in this book (The Hunt for Zero Point) he traces the history of antigravity technology…. one of my top six books.

Graham Nash, Singer/Songwriter, Crosby Stills Nash & Young

Lucidly written, deeply researched and extremely well-structured.

William Boyd, bestselling author of A Good Man in Africa, An Ice-Cream War and Restless (of Monopoli Blues, co-written by Nick Cook and Tim Clark, published by Unbound, 2018)