Angel, Archangel

The Allies are advancing on Berlin in the dying days of the Second World War, but the Russians are plotting much more than the end of the Third Reich. Operation Archangel’s aim is for Soviet troops to blast their way straight to the English Channel.

With fake Soviet tanks lined up near the German border in Czechoslovakia, two British spy pilots stumble across this elaborate charade. Wing Commander Robert Fleming and Rhodesian expatriate Piet Kruze become the front line in the effort to defuse the Russian scheme. But they must first penetrate the heart of the Nazi defences and steal the one weapon that can possibly destroy Archangel: the cream of the new generation of German jet fighter bombers.


Nick Cook

Nick is an author of twenty fiction and non-fiction titles in the US and the UK, including several ghost-written Sunday Times bestsellers. He is well known for his ground-breaking, best-selling non-fiction work, The Hunt For Zero Point. He has also written, produced and presented two feature-length documentaries for the History and Discovery channels.

As an accomplished keynote speaker, Nick imparts his wealth of experience passionately on issues such as global challenges, sustainability, defence and security, the future of technology, the power of story – and (tapping the theme of his new, fact-based thriller The Grid) the human mind itself.

In 2020, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Nick launched, via NickCook.Works, a ‘Call to Action’ for cross-sector solutions to Global Challenges fuelled by the power of Aerospace and Defence sector science and technology. For more on this, please click here.


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