Keynote topics include:

  • The power of story

  • Global challenges – climate change, sustainability and transnational security

  • Consciousness, the mind and human potential

  • The future of technology

As an accomplished keynote speaker, Nick imparts his wealth of experience passionately on issues such as global challenges, sustainability, defence and security, the future of technology, the power of story – and (tapping the theme of his new, fact-based thriller The Grid) the human mind itself.

In 2020, Nick and NCW launched their ‘Call To Action’ initiative on cross-sector solutions to Global Challenges. For Nick’s interview with John McCarthy on the Call To Action campaign, please click here.

Don’t confuse storytelling for corporate content

Interconnected solutions critical to breaking down stove pipe thinking

Books by Nick Cook


(Nick Cook’s) The Grid goes to the very frontier of science and the modern surveillance state … a relentless thriller… as modern as tomorrow – and perfect for our times.

Terry Hayes, international bestselling author of I Am Pilgrim

I’ve been a friend of Nick’s for several years and in this book (The Hunt for Zero Point) he traces the history of antigravity technology…. one of my top six books.

Graham Nash, Singer/Songwriter, Crosby Stills Nash & Young

Lucidly written, deeply researched and extremely well-structured.

William Boyd, bestselling author of A Good Man in Africa, An Ice-Cream War and Restless (of Monopoli Blues, co-written by Nick Cook and Tim Clark, published by Unbound, 2018)
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